We are very, very happy to anounce Milan Lee, Chief Strategy Officer of AIBrain Inc. a company based in PaloAlto / Seoul / Berlin. Milan is on her businesstrip to Berlin and stops by in St.Gallen and agreed spontanous to give a talk at our "Spielzimmer"-event  coming friday:

* Current AI Trend
* Dangerous Signs
* Will we take advantage of AI or
* Will Human Intelligence be superseded by AI?

Milan, a high-tech start-up veteran and long-time AI enthusiast, is committed to empowering intellectual innovation. As AIBrain’s Chief Strategy Officer, she works to build synergies amongst investors, developers, and consumers, allowing for creative solutions to global problems. She is dedicated to bringing awareness to the public about empowering possibilities of artificial intelligence as well as bad practices in the marketplaces. Her passion is to promote AI education in underprivileged communities and advocate policy changes to combat the abusive usage of AI.